Did you want to learn how to decorate cakes like professionals do?

Finally it is here the Concise Guide to The Art Of Cake Decoration! Hey why not make cakes like the Cake Boss does? Seriously?But at much less expense! Cake Decorating Genius is the contemporary pastry chefs want to be guide to short cut decorating!

Whichever you want, to be a professional chef or just impress like you had taken courses at the Cordon Bleu, Cake Decorating Genius is the next best thing to apprenticeship in Europe

Lets face it decorating cakes is largely satisfying, being able to make so many people happy with what you do.

For fun and funky birthday parties;
new baby or engagement showers;
graduations, retirements, grand openings, weddings and anniversaries;
family reunions, sleepovers, and pizza parties;
for casual,  formal, and corporate events,
looking forward to creating something memorable for special occasions?

You will be able to use your newly found abilities to the praise of all your friends or as an overlay on your existing expertise, its all up to you to decide!!

Being good in pastry is largely satisfying but if you don't have a good teacher you will end up with large amounts of wasted ingredients and lost money and time wasted ingredients, wasted time, and piles of humility and disasters.

As of now, you wont have to do all of that, you have now before you the keys to success in pastry!

The incomparable Cake Decorating Genius Guide, you can learn quickly and efficiently and have lots of enjoyment along the path to success!

Dear baker or pastry chef want to be,

Its not important whether you are doing this to impress your friends and family or to do its as a career change or improve on your current career, all the need to know is in this course.

So let me know, is this you:??

You are baking a cake and trying to figure out whats the best method, should you use a water bath or direct to the oven rack? Mixing the pastry creme you aren't certain if its best to use food color or to mix in whipped egg white then the food color, or not at all?

It might look easy on TV, hours later you are Googling looking for more instructions only to find more than one method and none of them correlate, hours later you are there with a pile of icing that's hardened.

Its not your fault! Hey there are "tricks " that pastry chefs use, that you weren't aware of, aware of up until now!!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to produce consistently beautiful decorated cakes without fear of failure ever again?

Would it be nice, picture yourself with folks all telling their friends about your creations? Taking pictures of them and posting them online for all their friends to see, how would that feel?

It would be great to be the one person everyone turns to on special occasions when they need a cake, you would be the "go to" person, the one they all turn to , knowing they will have a great cake.?

Its going to be great that you will have one project after another, each time your expertise improving, over and over again!

Its going to be excellent doing something you really enjoy and having all your friends and piers tell you how wonderful you are at what you do.

Can't I just watch YouTube videos and get some cook books and do this on my own?

If you are like so many folks, we all grow up watching Julia Child or Cake Boss and think that is all simple, until we try to do it ourselves, then we get educated as the cakes never seem to turn out the way we see on the tv or online, do they?..

Listen these pastry chefs we look up to dint just get these skills at birth, duh, of course not, they developed them from years of practice and apprenticeships.

The method of cake decorating takes many hours of learning, pratice and developed skills....

However, today you have before you a course that will give you the short cuts that the professionals use, the secret sauce of the years they spent learning many methods not seen anywhere else except in France....

All of this becomes possible for you from this well developed course before you now: Cake Decorating Genius!

Hey you might already have allot of  talent and skills but we find even professional find this book very appealing in the secrets it foretells...

Whichever YOUR intentions are, Cake Decorating Genius is the guide YOU DESIRE to take you from cake decorating wanna be to inspirational artist!

Here is a brief overview and summary of whats in store for you palette inside...

Cake Decorating Genius makes you  into a star in little time
Find out what professionals do and use these tools or secrets now
Find out what the pastry chefs of Europe do without ever leaving the country
Find out what makes frosting best, the 101 class of frosting and never have a sticky mess again!
Find out the best ways to keep a cake level so that it will never be a leaning tower of pisa again lol
Our recipes are second to none, there is virtually nothing here you wont find!
Find out best way to make perfect flowers just like pasty chefs do
Rolled fondant and snowy white fondant at is all here for the taking!!
Royal Icing? Yes you will learn that too
Discover our advanced frosting course and you will be second to none in little to no timer!
Find out the best way to pursue a career in this right now

And there’s just so much more inside!

cakes cupcakes

cakes cupcakes


ONLY $37

But wait click on the "Add to Cart" and you will see a even better price in your cart! Yes, for less than the price of a beginner’s cake decorating course, you can discover all the techniques, recipes, tips, information, styles and practical advice YOU need to truly achieve Cake Decorating Genius!

Samantha Haynes, chef and author writes:

And just to make the decision even easier for you, I am also offering you a...


Yes, I am so confident that you are going to LOVE this guide Cake Decorating Genius that I will back it 100%. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied or do not love the progress you are making with your cake decorating skills and repertoire, simply return it and receive back every penny.

Truly mastering the art of cake decorating, and gaining valuable in-depth skills in broad range of decorating areas becomes possible today, all with the wonderful guide Cake Decorating Genius.

You too can now take your cake decorating skills to a whole new level, and stop wasting precious time and money on trial-and-error approaches and endless cookbooks. Once you have your very own copy of Cake Decorating Genius, you’ll be an inspiration to those around you, creating beautiful, professional-looking but inexpensive, delicious and gorgeous cakes.

It just doesn’t get any better than that! Enjoy!

Samantha Haynes

PS. Secure your very own copy of Cake Decorating Genius and begin your path to producing the beautiful and scrumptious, professional-looking cakes you have always dreamed of making!

PPS. Wouldn’t you love to be able to produce the perfect cake for any occasion, with ease and calm and skill? Armed with Cake Decorating Genius, you’ll be able to just that, much to the thanks and praise of those around you. Get started today... Cake Decorating Genius is truly within reach, so grasp it firmly and have fun!

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